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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Ding dong din dong.. i miss my kampung!
Last weekend, I went back to my lovely hometown, Kelantan Darul Naim for releasing all the bad feelings in this busy life.

All the day was going jalan-jalan cari makan. Went to Pak Su Ari’s (my dad’s youngest brother) house to meet him after arriving few days from Tanah Haram but he was not there. Just talked with SuZa (his wife who also came back from Mecca) & tasted some tin-tin fruit & air zam-zam. After that, we (my sis, ayoh, mama, nurul, safiyya & me) straight away to Pengkalan Kubor Duty Free Zone. This place really make me miss my time in UTM. I used this site as my final project. These only few sheets left in my pc..huh!finally. it is not a good work but Alhamdulillah I did it.

Let’s continue with the journey at Pengkalan Kubor. Nothing much I can say because it was so bored.hahaha. Me & Nurul spent so much time to sit & see people lalu lalang with various style.hukhukhuk.

Before we ended our day there, we had tapau Mee Chambo & there I met my dear pengantin baru Ebah & Jijo. Tak puas pun bercakap..but at least I can meet her since I was not able to attend her wedding.

mee chambo

 Hurm..the next day?Hahaha spending so much kelam kabut punya masa at Jabatan Trafik Pengkalan Chepa. Our intention was to pay the fine. Finally, my sis was helping me to pay it when we arrived in KL. Melayang RM150. If not I’ve to pay RM300..oooo I can buy my Bonia shoe you know.nasib baik!

But here I wanna attach my memories when I did my site visit in Pengkalan Kubor with Iera, Ebah & Lala.
  iera & lala 

all about lockcing (i dunno how to spell it)

 iklan gigi


  1. hahha..i miss my old body!! mase tuh pakat duk cakap aku kurus,skang ni hah,amik ko!! uhuhu..

  2. and my gothic spec also!! loni xleh pakai dh spek gitu,nk jadi mak ore suda..

  3. hahaha...inshaallah lepas pantang la..
    i like u spek



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