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Monday, December 27, 2010

Go Malaysia Go!

1st round final Piala AFF Suzuki, Malaysia won 3-0. Congrate Malaysia! You all did a good job.
Well done to Nor Shahrul Idlan Talaha, creative player!
I was so excited last nite when I saw lots of car with Bendera Malaysia…some of them blew vuvuzelas to me when I on the way back to my house..hahaha..owh! I watched the match at my sis house, since I dun install Astro yet. No Astro, no TV1. Susah nak dapat channel except TV3, TV9, TV8.that’s all my entertainment. So limited!hihihihi
So, when I went to bed, as usual I checked my hp & I saw 1 new msg received. It was from Oya. Hahaha she wrote: Mas, hensemla golkiper Malaysia.. that was Khairul Fahmi Che Mat. Yes he is!Chinese look! Good looking, good playing. Watever it is, well done to our team!


  1. aku tengok nga Mama aku..penat aku nk kene story rules&regulations main football nih!! hahah..neway congrats to Malaysia team..



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