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Monday, September 19, 2011

Now it is summer

Stop crying, stop thinking too much for the wasted things
Let’s enjoy our days as we deserve to have it.

I went to JB for Hari Raya. Enjoyed the moments especially the last day when I met few of my UTM’s friends.

1st destination: Rumah Zana & Arif (mkn soto n nasi lemak oya tapaukan)

2nd destination: Rumah Ried (ikan siakap marvellous) 

3rd destination: Rumah G (mkn kuih raya je.lgpun parents dia dh keluar.)

4th destination: Rumah Eja (mkn mee hoon sup)

Masa kat umah Zana, ktorg bergambar gambar.. ada satu pic ni lebih kurang sama study dulu. Gambar blur tapi nk letak jugak

 dari kiri: Ceq Mas, Dayah, Oya & Faha

Teringat pulak masa dolu dolu tu..cubaan menari tuk persembahan MPG

Ni masa latihan

Yang ni masa betul2. Konon pakai spec hitam..padahal x nak orang nampak mata.hahaha malu la


macam-macam la....kaku terus..hehehe

Monday, September 12, 2011

i wish for raining

I pray...
Hoping today will be a raining day
because i want no one knows i am crying

Friday, September 9, 2011


I decided to use overhead bridge to cross to my office…

When I stepped onto it just about 10 steps, then I heard an aunty mumbled, 

‘Old people cannot use this…this is too steep’

Then I just responded, ‘Yah’  
It just not too steep but uneven….then too dirty...when raining???hurmmm lopak sana, lopak sini.yakssss!!!

that’s why I hate to used that bridge when I wear a heel.

i'll always use if the condition as nice as this photo

Then, who should responsible to this?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Music theme: Unintended, Muse

It sounds like I am not grateful to The Creator for this indistinct live I've felt. Astaghfirullahhanaazim....

I drew a curve, again & then again....until all of its form a spiral BUT I do not know where is the end point should i stop.

Is it my fault when I'm asking some space in their life???
Is that too high for me to pick up even just a star???
                   I am too much thinking....

Huh! these were swimming in my mind in this few days. Then what should i say else......

I've to strong believe:
        Allah is not do something purposely to hurt me


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