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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Ceq Mas has decided to share her life will all you people :)

My life is too hectic for this few weeks. I’ve to put more concentration to my new job. How’s busy am I right now, I’m very grateful to The Creator for giving this opportunity. Alhamdulillah…

What a most tough for me is to think how should I move further to build up my career. One of my friends sending me who am I based on born day calculation. This is Rich Richer Resources Network from Dr Azizan Osman. I’ve been classified as no.6. LOGAM. This is what I was described as:
1)Mengawal harta benda dan kekayaan. (Am I?)
2)Sangat bersopan tetapi mempunyai citarasa tinggi dalam kehidupan. (Bersopan?yeke? but I’m agreed which I’ve high taste in this life. What of high taste?hahahaha)
3)Akan berjaya dalam karier seperti pendidikan, kerja seni dan keagamaan. (Inshaallah.i’ll try my best)
4)Individu ini akan menjadi popular dalam masyarakat. (hah?why?i dun wanna be a celebrity.)
5)Perkara negative pula ialah individu ini suka berbangga dan tidak akan mengambil kerja mudah. (Berbangga? Sometimes. Yes ,I’m not a short cut person.sebab tu kerja aku lambat)
6)Individu ini tidak akan mendengar kata orang lain selain orang atasan tetapi mengambil berat tentang orang bawahan. (what do u expect?of course nak dengar cakap orang atasan je. They pay me wat? Who we are, a minister, an executive, cleaner or else, we are same aside Allah)
7)Tuah tiba selepas umur mencecah 45 tahun. (Allahuakbar!May this will come true.I’ve my own dream which secretive to share. Malu jugak nak habak kat u all semua. Nantikan cakap angan2 je lebih. But I’ll always pray for this)

I created this blog is to share all my personal experiences & knowledge that I have even it is not too much but I still believe that it will be useful for anyone who needs it. It might be about landscape (because I’m in this line now), family, computer, Islam, travelling or any else. I’m not too interested to talk about love or special relationship for this time being but it might be so interesting if we can share about friendship.

See u guys in the next post!!



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