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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Trip to Bangkok

Nothing much special to share here... everyday is about work and study. i won't let my life continuously be like this. Yahh, i've plan something good, vacation with family soon. inshaallah. i need to exit from this hustle and bustle of my busy live...yeah yeah...
where and when to go....inshaallah i will update here.

I on my way starting my last part of assignment. Strategic Management...i do really love this subject. Why? i presently out from my previous box...i'm no more 'katak di bawah tempurung' Inshaallah, i wish bless for the knowledge i gain. What a much fun of this class is because students never stop negotiating mark with lecturer...hahahaha...another one, what a really surprise is the lecturer almost same age with my dad, but he looks like 40's ok...he really interesting. love to share knowledge with us. 

Ok la ok la nak keluar dari topik study pulak...i baru terjelajah my photos kat dalam thumb drive ni...adala gmbar masa pergi Bangkok dulu...Last year July i guess...few days before Ramadhan...huhuhuhu...miss the moments especially a night of Ramadhan..ALLAHUAKBAR, rindunya...

 first menu i had in Bangkok

how was the car look like. 
tak pernah lagi i naik kereta besar macam ni

 tut tut...hahaha dont know the spelling

pretty care 

erkk!!!scary electrical cable

inside the market: nice arrangement of fruits

inside the market: clean & tidy

 beware with them if you are in Chat Tu Chat

Next my photos with plants will update later...nak sambung buat assignment pulak. tata

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